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Leshek and Monique WS booth We had an unforgettable time at the vibrant 2014 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. Over 150,000 people attended the festivities this year, which were co-sponsored by the LA Opera, and there were books as far as the eye could see! We met scores of readers interested in classical music, history and epic nonfiction adventure stories. Take a look at some of our photos . . .


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If you can put down this book... well, it's not going to happen... Zavistovski... has lived a life so dangerous, thrilling, and unpredictable that he qualifies as a picaresque hero along the lines of Lazarillo de Tormes or Oliver Twist. 

— James M. Keller, author, program annotator for the New York Philharmonic, and former staff writer for The New Yorker 

Leshek Zavistovski's searing memoir is not just the testament of a young man's survival... it powerfully shows how Leshek transcended the extreme circumstances of his existence... a brilliantly crafted love story to the human spirit (his!). 

— Bruce C. McKenna, writer, Band of Brothers; Emmy-Award-winning creator, writer, executive producer, The Pacific

His is a path of tremendous, movie-worthy, epic struggle—interspersed with hilarious episodes throughout. I was agape from the beginning to the end of this book.

— Susan Graham, internationally-renowned opera star

Leshek Zavistovski has led a remarkable life and he writes about it vividly and passionately. His survival should be the stuff of legends.

— Jerry Adler, Senior Editor, Newsweek (retired)

Children & Fish Don't Talk is excellent and polished.

— Connie Martinson, writer, host of syndicated television show Connie Martinson Talks Books

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