Children and Fish Don't Talk Movie

NM REVIEW collage smallThank you so much, Candelora Versace, for your wonderful review in the March 2014 issue of New Mexico Magazine!

Here are some highlights from her review:

"In his memoir CHILDREN AND FISH DON'T TALK, retired Metropolitan Opera Orchestra cellist and Santa Fe resident Leshek Zavistovski vividly recounts his tale of defection from Poland as a young cellist in 1964, when he took advantage of his position with the Warsaw National Philharmonic to disappear into the streets of Manhattan after playing Carnegie Hall... Zavistovski skillfully describes his anxieties, passions and fears as he weaves a compelling story often filled with intensity and danger. To his credit, the author balances all this adventure and panic with a hefty dose of humor... Classical music buffs will revel in Zavistovski's insider tone about his long career with the Met..."

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